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mmmm biscuits by hexasketch mmmm biscuits by hexasketch
MORE SCHOOLSTUFF. horrah. I had a class last quarter called Graphic Symbolism. Our final project was to use the Bisquick recipes (but rename Bisquick into something of our creation...I chose "bakeRight") to create recipes that could be printed on the back of a box. But the kicker was that we had to design at least three illustrations that would be a visual translation of three of the most important steps in each recipe and they all had to be in a consistant style and so easy to understand that somebody who didn't speak English could follow them. Anyway. I did pretty good according to the final critique.

Fonts I used are Arial rounded MT bold (I got tut-tutted at for using this one), Cheeseburger (for the titles), and JellyBelly for the BakeRight logo. Everything else was hand-drawn by me...all done in Illustrator 10.
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ptiterecette Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2007   Photographer
nice art, and nice recipes ! Just what I needed in my fav ;P
kiriromano Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
I love the colours, and the style of the drawings. Wish they got people like you actually designing the packets of things like this.
thingmo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003
how cool!! very easy to understand ^_^
Ben-Howard Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
good work ... lame that your class booed you for using arial.

hexasketch Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003  Professional Artist
Thanks. It was just my teacher, because apparently the version of Arial rounded I used was designed for the web, as opposed to being designed for print...or something. I'm not too sure. But I think it worked out well.
maui Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2003
awesome! i love that.. muffin.. thingy. i hate you and your illustrator skills [jealous]
kikaiko99 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2003
classy XD. I love a good breakfast food.
lazybusinessman Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
the font you used for your logo is totally awesome. everything else works really well too! that muffin or bisquit or whatever it is seriously would make me want to buy it if i saw it in a store. it makes me laugh. HA!
connythebadger Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
Wonderful job, it's actually spookily proffesional looking. Good fonts, interesting colour choices. Makes me want pancakes, and that is probably the point of such things.
vics Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
i Heart it. i hope i get cool assignments like this in my classes
vics Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
i Heart it. hopefully i'll get cool assignments like this in my classes, one can only hope~!
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